This is a major irrigation project in the southernmost part of Trivandrum district in the valley of the river Neyyar. It is situated at a distance of 19 miles from Trivandrum city. This irrigates an area of 24,900 acres in the Neyyatinkara taluk.
The dam is constructed at Thumburmuzhi,11 miles east of Chalakudi. It consists of main canals of length 52 miles and branch canals of length 162 miles.
This is a major irrigation project in the Trichur district in the valley of Karuvannur river. The dam site is at Peechi about 15 miles from the Trichur town. The length of the dam is 750 feet.


This is the dam constructed across the Mangalam river in Palghat district. The total length is about 23 miles.


This is a reservoir formed by connecting dams on either side across Walayar river in Palghat district. The dam site is situated near the boundary of Tamilnadu and Kerala and is 14 miles from Palghat along the Palghat-Coimbatore road.


This dams the Periyar river to irrigate 63,380 acres in Muvattupuzha and kunnathunad Taluks.


This is an earthen dam formed across the Wadkkancherry river with the necessary outlets at Vazhani, seven miles east of Wadakkancherry railway station in Trichur district.


Constructed across the Malampuzha river which is a tributary of the Bharathapuzha is of length 6066 feet. The dam site is situated four miles east of Olavakot railway station in Palghat district.


The largest of the water reservoirs in the state, this has a length of 335metre.The regions benefited by this reservoir are Kollam and Alappuzha.


This is a dam constructed over the Maniyar tributary of the Kakkad River. The regions which are irrigated by this dam are Alappuzha, Kollam and Pathanamthitta.


This is a famous dam situated in the seashore of Kozhikode benefiting that area.


This is the largest dam earth located 21Km from Kalpetta. The islands in the back group of Banasura Hills provide a spectacular scenic view. Its an ideal picnic spot


This is located at Ponumdi near Ragakade in Idduki 


It lies close to the Cheruthoni barrage and is the world's second and Asia's first arch dam. The Idukki WLS is located nearby.


This is the project in the Palakkad district in the valley of Chitoor and Alathur. The length of the project is 154m and height is 43.9m, the total length is 38.1 km.


This is the project in the Palakkad district. The length of the project is 1755m and height is 30.5m.The total length of the canal is 13.9km.


This is the project in the Thalappally Taluk in the valley of Mangalam, Venkanellor, Panjal, Paikulam, Cheruthuruthi, Nedumpuram and Deshamangalam Village. The length of the project is 22.26m, and height is 6.10m. The total length of the canal is 46.79km.


This is located in Chitur taluk.


The project is situated in Palakkad District. The regions is benefited by reservoir Mannarkadu, Ottapalam and Pallakkad Taluk.


The project is situated in Sholayar, the length of the project is 396.24m, and height is 57.6m.
KALLARKUTTY DAM The Dam is constructed in 1961. It has a length of 180 kms and height is 27 mts. This is the lowest irrigation project in Periyar.
MEENKARA DAM This is located in 32 kms South East of Palakkad District in Meenkara. A facinating spot on account of its dam, gardens, fish ponds and natural beauty.
CHULLIAR DAM This is located in 40 kms from Palakkad district, in the foot hills of western ghats.
MALANKARA RESERVOIR It is an artificial lake formed as part of the Muvattupuzha vally of Irrigation Project.
MATTUPETTY DAM This is locatd in 13 kms from Munnar. Mattupetty is the seat of Swiss-Diary Project where the green medows. The Mattupetty dam is an attraction of many tourists.
SABARIGIRI PROJECT This is located in 48 kms from Pathanamthitta district, through tea estates and thick forest is the famous Hydro Electric Project called Sabarigiri. This is constructed acroos the many mountains rivers and the water collected in reservoir passed through huge tunnels to a main reservoir at place Anamudi and from through large pipes to the Muziyoor power house.
MUZIYOOR 6 kms from Thodupuzha district, It is situated in Pathanamthitta district. Climping the hills and passing through Chlakayam is the Hydro Electic Power generation centre at Muziyoor.
CHENKULAM DAM It is constructed in Muthirapuzha, near the Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project.
KUTTYADI DAM This is a large Project constructed in Peruvannamuzhi. The length of the dam 173 kms and height is 35.36 mts. The benefits of the dam goes to Kozhikode, Quilandy and Vadakara taluk.
CHERUTHONI DAM Cheruthoni dam, 454 ft in height is a largest concrete gravity dam in Kerala and the 3rd highest in India.


This is a famous project and very important. The project is situated in Idukki district in Munnar. It consist of three banks one is Kundala, the length of the Kundala project is 277m and height is 26m, second is Mattupetty, the length of this project is 234m and height is 75m, and other is Munnar.

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