The district is predominantly an agricultural area. The main crop is paddy, sugarcane, groundnut, areca nut, cotton, rubber, cardamom, coffee etc.Handloom weaving is the important traditional industry of the district. The leading producer district of Rice in Kerala is Palakkad. The district which receives least rain in Kerala is Palakkad. It is also the hottest district in Kerala. The largest Malampuzha Dam is situated in Palakkad district. The first Wind farm is situated in Kerala is Palakkad district. Kunchan Nambiar was born at Killikurissi Mangalam in Palakkad. Palakkad is the second largest district of Kerala.
H.Qrs. :
Area :
4480 sq.km.
Population :
Season :
Altitude :
726, 762 meter
Rainfall :
240 cm.
Tempreature :
Max.38.68, Min.27.15
S.T.D.Code :
ALATTUR: It is located 24km south-west of Palakkad. Atop the Alattur or Velimala hill, located near the town, are the ruins of an ancient temple and a perennial natural spring. The hill also have a cave in the middle with mud partitions. MUNICIPALITIES

* Chittur
* Ottappalam
* Palakkad
* Shoranur


* Agali
* Akathethara
* Alanallur
* Alathur
* Ambalappara
* Anakkara
* Ananganadi
* Ayiloor
* Chalavara
* Chalissery
* Cherupulasserry
* Elappully
* Erimayur
* Elavancherry
* Eruthumpathy
* Kadambazhipuram
* Kanjirapuzha
* Kannadi
* Kappur
* Karakurissy
* Karimba
* Kannambra
* Karimpuzha
* Kavassery
* Keralasseri
* Kizhakkanchery
* Kodumba
* Koduvayur
* Kollangode
* Kongad
* Koppam
* Kottayi
* Kottopadam
* Kozhinjampara
* Kulukallur
* Kumaramputhur
* Kuthannur
* Kuzhalmannom
* Lakkadiperur
* Malampuzha
* Mannarakkad
* Mannur
* Mathur
* Mundur
* Muthalamada
* Muthuthala
* Mankara
* Marutharode
* Melarcode
* Nagalassery
* Nalleppilly
* Nellaya
* Nelliampathy
* Nenmara
* Ongallur
* Pallassana
* Parli
* Parudur
* Pattambi
* Pattancherry
* Pattithara
* Peringottukurissi
* Peruvemba
* Perumatty
* Pirayari
* Polpully
* Pookkottukavu
* Pudukkode
* Pudunagaram
* Puduppariyaram
* Pudusseri
* Puthur
* Sholayar
* Srikrishnapuram
* Thachampara
* Thachanattukara
* Tarur
* Thenkurissi
* Thirumittacode
* Thrithala
* Thiruvengapuram
* Thrikkaderi
* Vadakkancherry
* Vadakarapathy
* Vadavannur
* Vallapuzha
* Vandazhi
* Vaniamkulam
* Vellinezhi
* Vilayur


* Alathur
* Attappady
* Chittoor
* Kollangode
* Kuzhalmannam
* Malampuzha
* Mannarkkad
* Nenmara
* Ottappalam
* Palakkad
* Pattambi
* Sreekrishnapuram
* Shrithala

ATTAPPADI: This is located 80km from Palakkad is mainly populated by tribes and some settlers from Tamil Nadu. The hilly region on the crest of the Western Ghats is home to the oldest tribal settlements in the State. It abounds in verdant valleys, forests, plantations, paddy fields and numerous streamlets.
SILENT VALLY: It is located 80km from Palghat. The most important Silent Valley National Park is situated in this place. The sanctuary has perhaps the country's last substantial stretch of evergreen rain forests. The key fauna include elephant, tiger, lion tailed macaque etc. best season- Sept-Mar.
OTTAPPALAM: The festival at the Chathen Kandan Kovu in Varode Desom is important. The deity is Durga.Shri.K.P.S.Menon, India's great Ambassador, settled down at Ottapalam after retirement.
SHORANUR: 35km from Trichur, Shoranur used to be the border town of Tamilnadu until the State Reorganization in 1956. Government press and a large number of small and big industries make it an industrial area.
PATTAMBI: Pattambi is an agricultural area, 15km from Shornur. There can be seen the Government of India Paddy Research Centre. Pattambi, with an ancient Sanskrit College and once a seat of scholars Zemindars is now mostly a Muslim centre.
PARAMBIKULAM: This is located in Palakkad district. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in this place. This sanctuary is adjoin the Anamalai Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, is one of the best in Kerala. The Cannimare teak tree, said to be the largest in Asia, stands about 4km from Parambikulam.
MALAMPUZHA: This is located in Palakkat district. The town is set at the vase of the hills of Western Ghats and around the large reservoir are beautiful rose gardens and Amusements Park with facilities for boat cruises on the reservoir. The Fantasy Park, the first amusement park is located at Malampuzha. Major tourist attraction is the site of a large irrigation dam built -across the Bharathapuzha, 8km from Palakkad. 'Yakshi', the work of Kerala's famous sculptor Kanai Kunjiraman, is also displayed in the garden. Malampuzha is also known as the headquarters of the inland fisheries activities of Kerala.
KOLLENGODE: Capital of Kollencode Rajas, with the Nelliampathy hills as a fort on one side and a large area of fertile paddy fields on the other. It is now a Punchayath Head Quarters. The Kachamkurussi temple at Kollencode is famous.
THRITHALA: 75 kms from Palakkad, This place is noted for its monuments and historic ruins like the Siva Temple and the mud fort on the Chalissery Road. The Kattilmadam Temple, a granite Buddhist monument on the Pattambi-Guruvayoor road, dating back to the 9th/10th century AD, is of archaeological importance. The Paakkanaar memorial, built in honor of the Pariah saint, stands on the Thrithala Koottanad Road. Thrithala is also the native place of renowned writer and social reformer VT Bhattathiripad.



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