District was formed in 1969 June 16. District comprises of undulating hills with innumerable streams flowing through them and reaching the coconut fringed sea coast. This district is bordered by Calicut on the south east, Nilfiris on the east, Palakkad and Thrichur district. The main crops produced are paddy, coconut, areca nut, cashew nut, pepper, ginger, pulses, banana, tapioca and rubber. Thunchan Memorial is at Tirur, the Malayalam Research Centre has been set up here. Nilambur is famous for the oldest teak plantations of the World the Canolly's plot. Most populous district of Kerala is Malappurasm. The only fort in Malappuram district is at Ponnani. The only Government Ayurveda mental hospital in India is situated in Kottakkal in Malappuram district. Other towns are Tirur, Manjeri, Perinthalmanna, Ponnani, Kottakkal, Kuttippuram, Valanchery, Edappal and Tanur etc.
H.Qrs. :
Area :
3550 sq.km.
Population :
Season :
Altitude :
Highland, 477 to 2340 mtrs.
Rainfall :
290 cm.
Clothing :
S.T.D.Code :
TANUR: This is located in Malappuram district. This small coastal fishing town was one of the earliest Portuguese settlements. About 3km South of Tanur is the Kerala desapuram temple, one of Kerala's oldest temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. MUNICIPALITIES * Manjery
* Malappuram
* Ponnani
* Tirur PANCHAYATS* Abdul Rahman Nagar
* Amarambalam
* Areecode
* Chaliyar
* Chelambra
* Cherukavu
* Cheriyamundam
* Chikkod
* Chokkad
* Chungathara
* Edakkara
* Edappal
* Edavanna
* Kalikavu
* Kannamangalam
* Karulai
* Karuvarakundu
* Kavanoor
* Kondotty
* Kuzhimanna
* Mambad
* Moothedam
* Munniyoor
* Nannambra
* Nediyiruppu
* Nilambur
* Ozhur
* Pallikkal
* Pandikkad
* Perumannaklari
* Peruvalloor
* Ponmundam
* Pookkottur
* Porur
* Pothukal
* Pulikkal
* Pulpatta
* Tavanur
* Thalakkad
* Thenhippalam
* Thennala
* Thirunavaya
* Thirurangadi
* Thiruvali
* Thuvvur
* Trikkalangode
* Triprangode
* Urangathiri
* Vallikkunnu
* Vattamkulam
* Vazhayur
* Veliyancode
* Vengara
* Wandoor BLOCK PANCHYATS* Areecode
* Kondotty
* Kuttippuram
* Malappuram
* Mankada
* Nilambur
* Ponnani
* Perumbadappu
* Perinthalmanna
* Tiroorangadi
* Tanur
* Tirur
* Vandoor
* Vengara
MANJERI: This is located in the Malappuram district, the historical town is noted for the Kavirakkad Subramanian temple. The temple is Trikkalangode, near Man Jeri is known for the annual Man Jeri Pooram festival, in the month of April.
TIRURANGADI: 24km from Malappuram, is historical as the Tirurangadi ignited the Mappila rebellion on August 20, 1921.
KONDOTTI: 18km from Man Jeri is Kondotty, a prominent Muslim pilgrim centre. There is a 500 year old Pazhayangadi Mosque, which is the venue for the annual Valia Nercha festival. The festival is celebrated for three Moyin Kutty Vaidyar was born in Ottupara near Kondotty.
KOTTAKKAL: 12kms south west of Malappuram is the world famous Kottakal Arya -Vyda Sala, Pioneering centre for Ayurveda, Kerala's traditional system of health and medicine. An Ayurvedic Research Centre, a nursery home and a hospital are run here. Kavi kula Guru P.V. Krishna Warrior was born at Kottakkal.The town has a fortified palace of the kizhakke Kovilakam Kings, a wing of Zamorins.The only Government Ayurveda mental hospital in India is situated in Kottakkal.
KADAMPUZHA: It lies on the Thrissur-Kozhikode national highway and is known for the Bhagavathi temple. The shrine is believed to have been consecrated by Jagatguru Sankaracharya.
NILAMBUR: This is located in Malappuram district. The forest area of Nilambur is renowned for the 'Canolly's Plot', which is considered to be the world's oldest teak plantations. Bamboos cover extensive area in the forest.
TIRUR: It is the birth place of Thunchath Ramanujan Ezhuthassan, the father of Malayalam literature.Tunchan Parambu is highly venerated and its sand is believed to be sacred. The sand is used in Vidyarambham,especially on Vijaya Dashami day.
THIRUNAVAYA: It lies 8km south of Tirur and is famous for Thirunavaya Navamukunda temple and annual Sarvodaya Mela.
KUTTIPURAM: This is an important agricultural area. The Vanchinad Leathers and a few other industries are located in this place.
PONNANI: Ponnani is an ancient port where Bharathapuzha merges in the Arabian Sea. Fishing is the main occupation.Ponnani is called the Mecca of Kerala and is an important centre of Muslim scholars and priests.
PERINTALMANNA: It is fertile hill area for vegetation and farming. Once ruled by Zemindars family of Valluva Kolothiri representing the cheraman perumal, waged many wars with Zamothiri of Calicut and was defeated. E.M.S.Namboothiripad was born at Elamkulam in Perintalmannu.
EDAPPAL: This is located in Malappuram district and Chiraj Tourist Home is located here.
KALIKAVU:It is an important rubber plantation area located 30 km from Manjeri. Pepper and areca nut are other important crops.
ANGADIPURAM: The town is located near Perintalmanna, on the Chennai-Kozhikode route, Is an important religious centre for both Hindus and Muslims. P.C.Gopalan famous writer was born in Angadipuram.




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