The capital of the Powerful Zamorins, a prominent trade and commerce centre and the land of the Malabar Mahotsavam. Kozhikode was the most important region of Malabar in days past. The traditional industries of the district include handloom, coir, cashew, bricks, tiles and handicrafts. Kerala Soaps and Oils is situated at Kozhikode. Saint Gabriel is the name of the ship in which the Vasco Da Gama landed at Kappad in Kozhikode district. Kuttiady Power Project is in Kozhikode. Other towns Ramanattukara, Kallai, Quilandy, Balussery, Permambra, Kuttiady, Nadapuram, Vatakara etc.
H.Qrs. :
Area :
2345 sq.km.
Population :
Season :
Altitude :
Sea Level
Rainfall :
254 cm.
Climate :
Clothing :
S.T.D.Code :
VADAKARA: This is located in Calicut district, and 48km from Calicut. This place is a commercial centre for marital art in 'Kalarippayattu'. Stories about Kadathanattu Rajas, Kolatheri Rajas, Thamaraserry Rajas and other warriors are still popular. There is a fort built by Kadathanattu Raja at Vadakara. Remnants of another for built by Kunjahali Marakar. Vadakara is also the birth place of Cherussery Namboodiripad, the great poet. The ancient town has ruined fort. It was the scene of many exploits of Tacholi Othenan, the hero of ballads of North Malabar. Annual ceremonies are conducted in his memory.  CORPORATION

* Kozhikode


* Koylandy
* Vadakara


* Arikulam
* Atholi
* Ayancherry
* Azhiyur
* Balussery
* Beypore
* Changaroth
* Chathamangalam
* Chekkiad
* Chelannur
* Chengottukavu
* Cheruvannur
* Cheruvannur
* Callalom
* Chimanacherry
* Chorode
* Edachery
* Elathur
* Eramala
* Feroke
* Kadalundi
* Kakkody
* Kakkur
* Karassery
* Kavilumpara
* Kayakkodi
* Kayanna
* Kizhakkoth
* Kodencherry
* Kodiyathur
* Koduvally
* Koodaranji
* Koorachundu
* Kottur
* Kunnummal
* Kuruvathur
* Kutthali
* Kuttiyady
* Kunnamangalam
* Keezhariyur
* Madavoor
* Mavoor
* Meppayur
* Mokkam
* Moodady
* Maniyur
* Maruthonkara
* Naduvannur
* Nadapuram
* Nanmanda
* Narikunni
* Naripetta
* Nochad
* Onchium
* Olavanna
* Omasserry
* Panangad
* Payyoli
* Perambra
* Perumanna
* Peruvayal
* Purameri
* Puthuppady
* Ramanattukara
* Thalakkulathur
* Thamarassery
* Thuneri
* Thurayur
* Thikkodi
* Thiruvambadi
* Thiruvallur
* Uliyeri
* Unnikulam
* Valayam
* Vanimel
* Villiyapally
* Velam

* Balusseri
* Chelannur
* Koduvally
* Kunnummel
* Kunnamangalam
* Kozhikode
* Meladi
* Panthalayani
* Perambra
* Thrineri
* Thodannur
* Vadakara

KAPPAD: This is located in Calicut district. The historical beach town is located 16km north of Kozhikode. On 27th May 1498 Vasco Da Gama from Portuguese landed here with three vessels and 170 men. A monument is erected here to commemorate the historical landing. An ancient temple on a hillock, facing the deep sea, is an added attraction.  
MAVOOR: This is famous on account of the Rayon Factory. The city's water supply is from this area. 
KALLAI: 6km from Calicut, Kallai was and is the nerve point of Calicut's timber trade.  
BEYPORE: 10 km from Calicut, is a small Coastal town, Beypore, a ship building centre and famous for the Country craft called "Urde".The towm was previously known as Vaypura and Vadaparappanad. Tipu Sulthan of Mysore named it as 'Sulthan Pattanam'. Beypore is still a favorite destination among Arabs shopping for large boats. Vykom Muhammad Basher, the famous writer, chose Beypore as his about and became the Beypore Sultan.
KADALUNDI: This is located in Kozhikode district. A treat for bird watchers. Thousands of migratory birds from all over the world gather here during the season from November.
CHELIYA: Located on the Kozhikode -Quilandy route, the town is famous for the Kathakali Vidyalayam, the training centre for Kathakali dances. 
NADAPPURAM: 18kms north east of Vadakara, Nadapuram is second only to Ponnani for its Islamic culture. 



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