Tribal Dances
Over two hundred thousand tribal people belonging to over 35 different types, live in Kerala scattered in the jungles and hills, using different dialects and customs, each section leading different life and each one has its own dance traditions.Some of the well-known tribal dances of Kerala are :

ELELAKKARADI Very common dance among the Tribal called Irulas of Attappadi in Palakkad District.  
KADAR NRITHAM Popular among the Kadar tribes of Cochin Forests, this is a very simple but elegant dance for women only.  
KURUMBAR KALI This is a popular dance connected with Marriage Ceremony among the Kurumbars.  
PANIYAR KALI This is a masculine dance in which only men take part among the Peniyar Tribes of Wayanad.  
EDAYA KALI This is a dancing among the Tribal Shepherds participated by both men and women.  
KANIKKAR NRITHAM A group dance of the Kanikkar Tribes; this is performed as a ritual offering, with waving of the Hands and Beating of Drums.  
MANKALI One version of this dance depicts the Ramayana Episode.  
PARAVALLIKALI This is a dance popular among the aboriginals of the Travancore Forests.  
KOORANKALI This is similar Man kali, One person playing the role of a Wild Bear with acting as a hunting dog.  
THAVALAKALI This is a tribal dance in which the participants, usually boys, jump one above the other in succession, imitating the leaps of a frog.  
MUDIYATTOM This dance is also known as Neeliyattom only women take part.  



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