Folk Dances
There are more than fifty varieties of popular folk dances in Kerala. More popular ones are :

KAIKOTTIKALI It is also known as Thiruvathira kali and is a graceful group dance performed by women of Kerala during Onam and Thiruvathira Festivals.
MUDIYETTU This is ritualistic dance of the Bhagavathi cult performed mainly in Bhadra Kali Temple.
KOLKALI This is also known as Thattenmekali and is a mixed dance celebrating festival in groups.
POORAKALI Popular among the Thiyyas of Malabar as ritual offering during March April in Bhagavathi Temples.
KURAVARKALI It is usually performed by the Kuravar Tribes, formerly considered untouchables not permitted to enter temples.
PARICHAMUTTU KALI This is a marital folk dance with swords and shields in their hands.
VELAKALI It is a marital dance of the Nair community.
KAMAPADAVUKALI This is a war dance amidst wild war cries among Nair's.
KOLLAMTHULLAL Usually, performed as ritual to dry away evil spirits.
KALIYATTOM Also known as Theyyam is an ancient Socio-Religious ceremony in Kerala.
KANNIYAR KALI Also known as Desathukali. It is a fast movie militant dance.
SANGHAKALI / YATRA KALI Essentially a Socio-Religious dance.
BRAHMANIPATTU KALI A type of domestic devotional offering in connection with marriage.
KAKKRASSI KALI A vociferous type of dance among the Kuravas of Thiruvananthapuram district.
DUFFUMUTTU A group dance of the Moplahs of Malabar.
MAPLAH KALI Very similar to Kolkali, it is a powerful folk dance among the Muslims of Malabar.
VATTAKALI Also known as Chvittukali is a mixed ritual dance of Vettuvar community.
POYKKALU KALI OR MARAKKALATTOM It is a stilt dance in connection with temple festivals.
KOTHAMORI A dance with models of Oxen made of leaves and twigs prevalent in North Kerala.
PANA A ritual dance to please Goddess Kali.
SARPAM THULLAL Usually performed in premises having snake shrines called Sarpa Kavu.
VELICHAPPADU THULLAL A ritual dance dealing with trances and evil spirits.
AYYAPPAN VILAKKU Depicting the legendry fight between Ayyappan & Vavar.
PULAYAR KALI A group dance usually performed after harvest season by the Pulayars.
KALAYUM KUDAYUM A dance performed by the Pulayar Community after harvest from house to house.
KAVADIYATTOM Mainly performed as an offering in Lord Subramanian Temples.
BHATHRAKALI THULLAL A devotional dance of Pulayas for the Goddess Bhadrakali.
PURATTU A humorous folk play of imitations and Mimicry to evoke laughter.
AMMANATTOM Performed by the women using the Ammana.
THOOKKAM An offering performed in Bhagavathi temples.
AIVERKALI A ring dance in connection with temples festivals by members of Asary and Mussary etc.
EZHAMATHU KALI A domestic entertainment by members of the varior and Pisharady communities.
PENTHARUMO NRITHAM A graceful group dance for women.
PADAYANI A colorful folkdance associated with temples festivals in the Alappuzha, Kollam and Kottayam districts.
THIYATTU A devotional offering in Bhadrakali temples.
BHOOTHAM THULLAL A dance in connection with temples festivals like Vela, Pooram, Thalapoli, Panarkali dance of the Panars in Malabar Area.
VITHU CHORIYAL / VISHU VELA A ceremonial dance of Paraya's during the sowing season.


KURATHIYATTOM Performed by Kurathy.
THUMPITHULLAL Performed by women during on a festival.
KUMMI Another women's dance.
KADUVAKALI OR PULI KALI Performed during Moharam season.
THAPPUMELA KALI A group dance of the Parayas of Malappuram district in Malabar.
PARAYANTHIRA A ritual festival dance before Bhagavathy temples.
CHERUMAR KALI A mixed dance of the Cherumar community of Malabar area.




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